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Marion is located in the physio-graphic region termed as the Coastal Plain Region. This region is approximately the southern one-half of the State of Alabama. Marion is further located in the "Black Belt" subdivision of this region, where some of the richest agricultural and timber lands in central Alabama are found. People actively seek out small college cities as places to live, work, visit, and retire. Marion is the center of an array of significant historic, cultural, and recreational assets. Marion has significant history with antebellum, civil war, and civil rights history as well as a long history of nurturing institutions of higher education.

Marion wears the name the "College City" proudly and is the home of Alabama State University, Samford University, Judson College, and Marion Military Institute (MMI). Judson College is a Baptist Liberal Arts College for Women and anchors along the western edge of downtown. Judson College is listed among the Top 20 Best National Liberal Arts Colleges in 2011 by US News & World Report for having a "thoroughly engaging academic program. See our visiting tab to find more information on Judson College and its offered programs, or to schedule a visit to Judson check out Judson's website at Marion Military Institute (MMI) is the oldest military junior college in the nation. MMI has a place of prominence along Washington Street, Marion's main street. For more information on Marion Military Institute (MMI) go to Judson and Marion Military Institute (MMI) are important partners in making Marion a great place to live, receive an education, and work.

Few small cities have enough attractions to become tourist destinations in their own right, but Marion is blessed with an array of existing cultural/historical assets and the potential to build an important eco/edu-tourism economy.

Public Recreation in the area:

The Cahaba River offers scenic views for while canoeing, fishing, and bird watching. Public boat ramps are available near Sprott at the Perry County Hwy. 14 bridge area.

Douglas-Moore Park:

Enjoy nature, peaceful walks, baseball games, and child's play and laughter in our beautiful park area. The park opens at 8:00 a.m.; however, you can always enjoy the security and crisp air of Marion while strolling along the Georgia Walker Memorial Trail.

The Georgia Walker Memorial Walking Trail:

Enjoy a calm morning walk on the Georgia Walker Memorial Walking Trail located along Washington St. next to Tepak Inc.

Lincoln Museum:

Lincoln Normal School Campus houses the Phillips Auditorium (Home of Alabama State University Located between the coordination of Lee and Lincoln Streets, Lincoln Normal School was founded in 1867 by freed slaves as a school for African-American children. In 1887, a division of Lincoln Normal known as Patterson's Plantation Home for Teachers was relocated to Montgomery, AL where it became known as ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY. The Lincoln Museum, located on the site of the Lincoln campus, houses historic memorabilia regarding Lincoln School.

Alabama Women's Hall of Fame:

Located and beautifully restored on the campus of Judson College the A. Howard Bean Hall, the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame establishes a permanent place of honor for Alabama's most outstanding women including: Helen Keller, Julia Tutwiler, Tallulah Bankhead, and many others.

Alabama Military Hall of Honor Museum:

Located on Polk Street, the building which houses the honorary museum was built in 1832 as a law office for John Lockhart, the building was used until 1968 as the Marion City Hall. It was later moved to the campus of the Marion Military Institute where it has been restored and preserved. In 1988 it became the Alabama Military Hall of Honor, displaying portrait plaques of inductees and military artifacts.

The Home of Alabama's First Civil War Governor Andrew Barry Moore

Located on Green St. the home was built in the 1830's.

The Home of Coretta Scott King:

Located in Perry County Rd. 29 North

Getting to Marion

* From Birmingham, AL (Approximately 1 1/2 hours)

Take 20/59 South towards Tuscaloosa

Take Exit 97 (West Blocton)

Turn left at the end of the ramp and continue straight for 3 miles at the cautious light, turn left onto Hwy. 5 South and continue for (45 miles).

* From Montgomery (Approximately 1 1/2 hours)

Take I- 65 to Selma, AL Exit 19 bearing left off the interstate.

Continue Hwy. 80 into Selma, AL

Turn right off of Hwy. 80 onto Dallas County Road 45 and continue for (14 miles).

* From Meridian, MS (Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

Take I-59 to the Cuba exit, then take Hwy. 80 East

Continue on Hwy. 80 to Hwy. 5 (83 miles)

Turn left onto Hwy.5 and continue to Marion, AL (16 miles).

Climatological Data of Marion, AL 36756


Mean Annual Temperature 64*F

Mean July Temperature 80.6*F

Mean January Temperature 46.9*F

Precipitation:            Average Annual Rainfall 50.41

                                     Wettest Month March

Why Marion?

Marion is a beautiful city. Marion is compact and walk-able. Almost everything in Marion is within a twenty minute walk or a ten minute bike ride.

Marion has a classic courthouse on the square and is surrounded by beautiful churches and antebellum homes. We are one of the few small cities with a state-of-the art airport with a 6,400 foot runway and fueling facility at Vaiden Field. Our city houses a leading scientific research facility at the Freshwater Biodiversity Center.

Our food is phenomenal! From soul food to fast food. Check out our restaurant contacts under the visiting tab.

Banking is easy and secure at our local banks!

Marion has a great location. We are in the center of Bibb County (Centerville, AL), Hale County (Greensboro & Newbern, AL), Selma, AL and Uniontown, AL ...harboring only 15 minutes from each of the cited cities. Marion is less than an hour from Tuscaloosa, AL, and under two hours from the State's Capitol Montgomery, AL, and Alabama's largest metro area Birmingham.

Marion has significant history.

* The incubation of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery March took place in Marion, after the death of Jimmie Lee Jackson a resident of Marion at the time of his death.

* Coretta Scott King is affiliated with Marion through her roots/birth north of Marion in our county and her attendance at the Lincoln Normal School in Marion, AL

* Andrew Young was the pastor of his first church in Marion. (First Congregational Church of Marion located on 601 Clay Street).

* Lincoln Normal School (home of Alabama State University) is located in Marion.

We are the "College City." From the roots of Alabama State University & Samford University ( to Judson College ( & Marion Military Institute (MMI).

Marion is institutional, civic, and is full of strong business leadership.

Marion reinforces capacity to accomplish near and long-term goals by creating a community development corporation, by doing regular leadership training and engaging all components of our community in volunteer efforts and broadening our regional leadership.

Marion has room to grow! With our tourism, history, location, and attractive quality of life...we are growing, and we want your business, residency, and leadership skills.

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