City of Marion, Alabama

"The College City "

The City of Marion is ran by a Mayor-Council Government which is known as the governing body of our city. The

City of Marion is considered a Class 8 city. The mayor presides over all deliberation of the council.  However, the

mayor-council is governing body and enacts ordinances and maintain all legislative and executive functions of the

city/municipality. The City of Marion is governed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Alabama.

The governing body of the City of Marion has the power to:

levy taxes on real property; establish privilege licenses; adopt police regulations for the safety, health, and welfare of

the community; to punish by fine and imprisonment; to condemn property; to sue as a corporate entity; to borrow

 money by general obligation bonds; warrants and negotiable notes; to acquire property by purchase or lease; to sell

 or lease municipal property no longer needed for municipal or public purposes; to pledge municipal revenues to the

payment of municipal obligations, to assess property for public improvements; to grant franchises for the use of

municipal streets; to regulate the use of streets and prohibit selling in the streets; to acquire, own and operate water,

 gas, sewer, and electric utilities; to manage and control municipal finances and property; to adopt building laws;

abate nuisances; adopt zoning regulations; enter into contracts; establish and maintain municipal buildings,

hospitals, jails, magazines, museums, art galleries, and recreational facilities; to acquire and regulate cemeteries; to

require witnesses to appear before the council or a council committee and punish for contempt for failure to do so; to

 provide for the health and sanitation of the community and to advertise for such purposes; to establish numerous

 separately and appoint directors of the boards; to vacate streets; to enter into written contracts with counties to

perform any services common to all contracting entities.


* Council Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month in the Marion City Hall on 123 Jefferson Street at

 6:00 p.m. Please check our website for updated information on postponed/canceled, special called, and public

hearing meetings.