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City of Marion, Alabama

The City of Marion is ran by a Mayor-Council Government which is known as the governing body of our city. The City of Marion is considered a Class 8 city. The mayor presides over all deliberation of the council. However, the mayor-council is governing body and enacts ordinances and maintain all legislative and executive functions of the city/municipality. The City of Marion is governed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Alabama.

The governing body of the City of Marion has the power to: levy taxes on real property; establish privilege licenses; adopt police regulations for the safety, health, and welfare of the community; to punish by fine and imprisonment; to condemn property; to sue as a corporate entity; to borrow money by general obligation bonds; warrants and negotiable notes; to acquire property by purchase or lease; to sell or lease municipal property no longer needed for municipal or public purposes; to pledge municipal revenues to the payment of municipal obligations, to assess property for public improvements; to grant franchises for the use of municipal streets; to regulate the use of streets and prohibit selling in the streets; to acquire, own and operate water, gas, sewer, and electric utilities; to manage and control municipal finances and property; to adopt building laws; abate nuisances; adopt zoning regulations; enter into contracts; establish and maintain municipal buildings, hospitals, jails, magazines, museums, art galleries, and recreational facilities; to acquire and regulate cemeteries; to require witnesses to appear before the council or a council committee and punish for contempt for failure to do so; to provide for the health and sanitation of the community and to advertise for such purposes; to establish numerous separately and appoint directors of the boards; to vacate streets; to enter into written contracts with counties to perform any services common to all contracting entities.

* Council Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month in the Marion City Hall on 123 Jefferson Street at 6:00 p.m. Please check our website for updated information on postponed/canceled, special called, and public hearing meetings. Please review below notices for meetings that fall on holidays.

Access our virtual council meetings via Zoom online or Zoom teleconference

Phone: +1 301 715 8592

Meeting ID: 285 802 9880

Password: 918364

Ordinance No 2020-02-03.01

Transportation Plan Pursuant to the Rebuild Alabama Act

12/07/2020 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda for 12/21/2020

Meeting Minutes 12/07/2020

Meeting Agenda 01/04/2021

Meeting Agenda 01/19/2021

Meeting Agenda 02/01/2021

Meeting Minutes 01/19/2021

Public Safety Work Session Agenda 02/03/2021 @ 6:00 p.m. in the Council's Chambers 

Public Safety Work Session Agenda 2/9/2021 & 2/10/2021 @ 5:00 p.m. in the Council's Chambers

Meeting Agenda 02/16/2021

Meeting Minutes 02/01/2021

Meeting Agenda 03/15/2021

Meeting Minutes 03/01/2021

Special Call Meeting Agenda 03/22/2021

Meeting Agenda 04/05/2021

Meeting Minutes 03/15/2021

Meeting Agenda 04/19/2021

Meeting Minutes 04/05/2021

Meeting Agenda  05/03/2021

Meeting Agenda 05/17/2021

Meeting Agenda 06/07/2021

Meeting Agenda 07/19/2021

Meeting Agenda 08/02/2021

Meeting Agenda 08/16/2021

Meeting Agenda 09/20/2021

Meeting Agenda 10/04/2021

Meeting Minutes 09/20/2021

Meeting Agenda 10/18/2021

Meeting Minutes 10/04/2021

Meeting Agenda 11/01/2021

Special Call Meeting Minutes 03/22/2021

Our City's Governing Body &

Departmental Leaders!

Dexter Hinton, Mayor

Council members

Jeremy Arrington, District 1

Tommy Kennie, District 2

Joseph Pearson, District 3

Willie Jackson, District 4

Jefferson Nail., District 5

L. Hinton,

ICMA-CM, MMC-Municipal Treasurer & Website Designer

T. Bufford, Chief of Police

E. Horton, Fire Chief

J. Horton, Assistant Fire Chief

Hank Sanders., City Attorney

Patrick Arrington, City Judge

A. Morrison, City Prosecutor

K. Milner, City Magistrate/Court Clerk

E. McClenney, Street & Sanitation


G. George, Shop Mechanic

L. Evans, Nutritional Site Coordinator