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Located in West Central Alabama, Marion was established in 1817. Marion is the county seat of Perry County. Marion is adjacent to the Talladega National Forest and The Cahaba River lying beautifully along the scenic yet country highway views of Highways 5, 14, and 45.  Marion's population records at 3600 (United States Census, 2010). Marion was first called Muckle Ridge, and then was renamed in honor of Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox," hero of the American Revolution. History abounds in Marion: Sam Houston, later of Texas fame, was married to a local girl in 1840. The old City Hall (1832) pictured at the top of the website is one of many antebellum public buildings. Coretta Scott King was born in Perry County and attended the Lincoln Normal School in Marion. The Southern and Northern Baptists split in 1845 in Marion with the adoption of the "Alabama Revolution," by the Baptist State Convention. 


The City of Marion is a city of diversity. From its people, land, weather, and its location, it is full of balance with the contrasts it provides. The generous rains of the changing seasons feed the streams and creeks that run throughout the city. Coursing through the city is one of America's last free running wild rivers, The Cahaba, a river that boasts more species of fish than any other in the United States. Marion is filled with public sites, homes, churches, educational centers, halls, and institutes. Marion is the home of Alabama State University (now seated in the state's capitol of Montgomery, AL) and Samford University (Birmingham, AL). However, Marion continues to pride itself on its two remaining prestigious educational institutions: Judson College (A college for women), and Marion Military Institute (A Military Institute). (See our about and visiting tab for more information and links to the two remaining colleges).


Marion is a growing city in Alabama that combines the best of the "old" and "new" South. Tradition and craft, combined with the desire to grow as it develops its local resources into a better tomorrow. You'll love Marion's local cuisines, church services, antiques shops, and classic small city shopping and living. The cultures in Marion are harmoniously blended with a determination for a bright future.


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